Pristine mountain lakes, breathtaking vistas, historic ranches, towering waterfalls, and so much more . . .

Macy's Photo Shoot - historic Telluride ranch

JC Penney Photo Shoot - Paradox Valley

"The last two times The Territory Ahead shot photo stills for our catalog in Telluride (May 2006 and just this past May 2008), I worked with Mr. Tim Territo of Telluride On Site Productions.  In 2006, I contacted Tim in a last minute scramble when Aspen wasn't panning out the way I had hoped. Tim quickly jumped on-board and helped me formulate a 7-day scout itinerary and later a 2-week shoot. In my first working exposure to Tim, I found him to be well connected in the community, knowledgeable about local resources, energetic and able to deftly handle any logistical challenges that cropped up during both our scout and shoots. Equally impressive was the way Tim dealt with people - he has a natural ability to accomplish difficult or seemingly impossible requests yet do so without leaving anyone feeling disadvantaged in the process.  From both a professional and personal standpoint, I very much appreciate that Tim is persistent, dedicated and determined in accomplishing the job at hand but always does so with his personal integrity in tact.

In all my dealings with Tim it is clear that he knows and loves Telluride and the residents with whom he shares this special place."  

Jennifer Mosley
Photo Shoot Producer
The Territory Ahead